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Article on Paralegal Services in India

As of January 2019, 63,759 lawyers were employed by legal services authorities and 69,290 volunteer paralegals. Each DLSA should ideally have 50 active VPLs, according to the National Legal Services Authority`s (NALSA) Paralegal Volunteer Program. Although the number of VLVs is higher than the requirement, several states do not have a sufficient number of VLTs. In circumstances of great public importance and of significant risk to the life and liberty of the applicant, the services of experienced counsel may be used if the President of the Institute of Legal Services gives notice to that effect. “Equality before the law in a true democracy is a matter of law. It cannot be a matter of charity, favour, grace or discretion. Justice. Wiley Rutledge (United States) SC) Legal awareness, sometimes referred to as public legal education, is the empowerment of the individual from issues that affect the law. It helps to promote awareness of legal culture, participation is law formation and the rule of law. Legal awareness can enable people to demand effective justice, accountability and redress at all levels. We all know that India is a country that is not afflicted by illiteracy, poverty and the safety of a large number of people, it is able to raise awareness on all subjects. Here, in every people, no question of illiteracy, they should be aware of the fundamental law of the country.

You should be aware of the legal aid system and its systems. Many non-governmental organizations play an effective role in raising awareness. These organizations make people understand their rights and force them to seek free legal assistance in court. So many committees and programs have been established by the government for the benefit of economically and socially backward people. There is still a certain delay in exercising this right and this opportunity, because people are not aware. Therefore, although people are illiterate and poor, they should disregard their status, strengthen their right, turn to the court and seek justice. Problems and challenges: “The poor see the law as an enemy, not as a friend. For him, the law always takes something away. Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Law Day Speech, May 1, 1964. The legal aid system in India has proven to be ineffective. There are four main reasons why national judicial authorities have not been able to provide effective legal aid: there is a general lack of awareness of the availability of legal aid; there is a perception that a free service is incompatible with a high-quality service; There are not enough lawyers provided by the legal services authorities, and lawyers are generally not interested in providing competent legal assistance due to financial constraints.

In addition, lawyers responsible for the provision of legal aid and paid with public funds too often do not accurately represent their clients, which raises serious doubts about the credibility of legal aid for the weaker sections of the population. Some lawyers hired by mutual legal assistance committees keep their clients` files ready for ransom using delaying tactics. These lawyers force their clients, many of whom are innocent, to pay them additional sums of money when they are supposed to receive their fees from the Mutual Legal Assistance Committee. One factor that will contribute to this is that the remuneration paid by the Mutual Legal Assistance Committee to lawyers is very low and does not even cover the lawyer`s incidental costs. Another major obstacle to the legal aid movement in India is that the legal aid delivery system is far too inefficient. More lawyers should be encouraged to provide free legal aid and a campaign should be launched to inform people of the existence of free legal aid. The mutual legal aid movement can only achieve its goal if people are aware of their fundamental rights. When the poor are unaware of their legal rights, they are subjected to exploitation and are ultimately deprived of the rights and benefits granted to them by law. The key to a free and successful legal aid system is therefore increased public awareness and more efficient delivery processes.

The successful delivery of legal aid in India requires the government to launch a campaign to inform and educate the public about their right to free legal aid. In addition, the government needs to use more efficient processes to improve the delivery of legal aid, including but not limited to increasing the remuneration of legal aid lawyers. Otherwise, the constitutional right to free legal aid will ring hollow. Conclusions: Legal aid is not a charity or a bonus, but an obligation of the State and the right of citizens. Legal aid focuses on distributive justice, the effective implementation of social benefits and the elimination of social and structural discrimination against the poor. It operates in accordance with the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, which serves as a guideline for free justice. The main objective of the state should be “equal justice for all”. Thus, legal aid aims to ensure that the constitutional promise is kept in its letter and spirit and that equality of justice is granted to the oppressed and weakest strata of society. However, although free legal aid was seen as a necessary complement to the rule of law, the legal aid movement did not achieve its objective.

There is a large gap between the objectives set and the objectives achieved. The biggest obstacle to the legal aid movement in India is the lack of legal awareness. People are still unaware of their basic rights, which is why the mutual legal aid movement has not yet achieved its goal. It is the lack of a sense of justice that leads to the exploitation and deprivation of the rights and benefits of the poor. Assist lawyers during trials with the necessary documents Conduct research on Indian legal articles, laws and regulations Help the lawyer organize the many information he receives Write reports for lawyers that could be useful when negotiating the case Investigate the facts of the case Write correspondence and documents Lawyers in the preparation of company meetings To help, Hearing and process The work of a paralegal seems quite fascinating, since the jobs of a paralegal involve new research and obviously interviewing new clients in any case.