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Bain Language Requirements

– Our team in the Nordic countries is made up of colleagues from very different backgrounds, both professionally and personally. Therefore, English is the only language requirement. Knowledge of one of the Nordic languages is a plus, but certainly not a requirement. I would like to apply to Bain, but they are not present in my country – think of Eastern Europe. Are there any offices where I can apply without knowing the local language? There you will find the list of offices where you can apply without national language skills: To apply, you must submit the following points, as well as additional requirements for the main office you wish to join: Below are the qualifications and general skills required for the position of consultant at Bain. Please refer to the local office page for additional requirements. – Business acumen is essential for problem solving and more important than a business background. An internship is an opportunity for you to try the advice and learn a number of different things – no one expects you to be an expert We usually manage to choose a project that perfectly matches your industry and thematic preferences. Almost half of Dubai`s offices do not speak Arabic.

I would advise you to apply to the Dubai and London offices! Nearly 20% of U.S. consulting staff are citizens of a country other than the United States. We make sure that we define the data to meet your needs. Are you interested in being part of our team? Meet us at one of our on-campus recruitment events or one of our digital events. Enter the name of your school below to learn more. – Our interview process is a combination of case interviews and personal interviews. You will also receive a psychometric test as part of the online application process. Our consultants are analytical and creative, managers and employees. You`ll be at the center of integrated teams with different thinkers and skills, all working together to achieve exceptional results. Every day will be different, but they will all be rewarding.

Our advice is to practice as much as possible! In preparation for case interviews, it is particularly important to discuss structuring approaches and to practice mental arithmetic and business judgment approaches. Plus, it`s always a good idea to take a look at the major newspapers and keep up to date with developments. Some case studies you can work on can be found on our international website. In addition, many of our candidates use training portals such as Squeaker or PrepLounge. – We look for talented people and appreciate strong academic results, but a high cumulative grade point average can never be isolated. We also look at work experience (if any), extracurricular activities and, most importantly, who you are as a person and why you have a passion for business consulting. Absolutely! We are looking for competent and qualified people from all fields. It is important for us to have a mix of different academic backgrounds within our firm in order to be able to offer our clients consulting services at a high level of expertise.

Every day is different, but here`s an example of what you can expect to experience and achieve: Keith Bevans, Partner and Global Head of Consultant Recruitment, delves deeper into Bain`s stories of exceptional people from his perspective. When you join our team of consultants, you benefit from world-class training, contacts with the most innovative organizations and the opportunity to develop an extensive business toolbox that will enhance your career at Bain and beyond. As an Associate Consultant, you will apply and develop your analytical, interpersonal, creative, business and leadership skills from day one. You start as a generalist and are placed right in the middle of the action as you work side by side with some of the best consultants in the industry. We identified some of the most frequently asked questions about an internship at Bain in the Nordic countries and asked Emmeline van der Meij, Senior Head of Nordic Recruitment, to answer them. We also received personal opinions from a few former Bain interns who now work as full-time consultants: unfortunately, we have to refuse this. Since our customers` data is confidential and cannot be used for any other purpose – even in a disguised form – we do not supervise any scientific thesis. Thank you Khaled. Do you know of any European offices (with the exception of London) where the EN is sufficient? Same question for Roland Berger:) In addition, each of our offices offers many volunteer opportunities. In the Munich office, for example, we have BAGSI (Bain Admin Goes Social) – an initiative to support socially disadvantaged groups in society, which was born from a personal project.

Absolute. If the internship makes you want more, we look forward to receiving your application for a permanent position. Outstanding interns are immediately accepted into our Springboard internal development program. – Keep up to date with the news next to the case books (Barron`s and WSJ are my must-haves). Victor Cheng also has an excellent YouTube series. is a beautiful online source. Find a platform/source that you think is good and stick to it for a while instead of switching from one source to another Sign up today to receive our monthly student email newsletter and stay on top of deadlines, events and life ahead at Bain! Absolute. Depending on the nature and duration of your work experience, you will likely start at an advanced career level.

Bain & Company is the international consulting firm that chooses the most ambitious and innovative leaders to build the future of their company. Through 63 offices in 38 countries, Bain works with its clients on a common goal: to make an impact. Since its inception, the company has measured its success against that of the companies that trust it. Bain has the highest benchmark rate in the consulting industry. Springboard is our in-house development program. Admission to the program is a special award – we only accept interns whose achievements have been outstanding. Yes, you can apply at any office in the Bain network. Our online application form contains a section where you can indicate your office preferences. If you choose an international office, please upload your application documents in English. Case interviews can be conducted by the candidate or interviewer: In candidate-led cases, the biggest challenge is the structure.

In cases led by interviewers, the biggest challenge is to adapt quickly to apply for one of our business functions, we ask you not to use our online form. Instead, please send your application directly to the contact mentioned in the respective job posting. All current vacancies can be found here. Not sure about Eastern Europe – But Dubai and Singapore are more international We are actively recruiting talented and experienced professionals from a variety of sectors and backgrounds, including finance, law, consulting, education, military, healthcare, government and many others. There is no profile or experience that makes a good Bain consultant. Absolutely. In fact, we have different flexible schedule models that can be tailored to your specific situation. Working part-time on client projects is just as possible as taking on an internal role. In principle, our consultants are free to take unpaid leave at any time. To best help you align your work schedule with your family`s needs, we continually work with various organizations that can help you organize things like child care.