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The United Nations Secretariat and Vienna-based international organizations are looking for competent and motivated individuals who strongly believe in their goals and mandates. The United Nations system offers an opportunity to assume various roles in support of global causes in a dynamic and multicultural environment. Enter your email address to receive a weekly notification with jobs that match your search on this page. Did you know that there are usually 1000+ jobs on the UN job list? Find your job via the advanced search! UNIDO was committed to helping its Member States implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a better planet and a better future for us all. But we cannot go as far as our people take us; That`s why we attach great importance to using talent to keep our employees effective and efficient. To view all vacancies at UNIDO, please click here. Information on the internship programme of the United Nations Office at Vienna is available here. General information on United Nations internships is available on the United Nations career portal. Join us in stopping nuclear explosions. The CTBTO offers exciting employment opportunities in a diverse work environment for high-level candidates with scientific and technical qualifications, as well as those with managerial and soft skills.

To view all vacancies at the CTBTO, please click here. The United Nations Office at Vienna is seeking qualified professionals in a variety of fields, including general administration, finance, human resources, procurement, security, information technology and conference services. Approximately 700 staff work at the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV). UNOV is committed to gender balance and geographical diversity among its staff. The United Nations system-wide strategy on gender equality sets targets for gender balance. The Office`s gender balance efforts are based on the UNOV/UNODC Strategy for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women 2018-2021. The overall goal is to achieve 50/50 parity at all levels of employees in the organization. In order to improve the geographical diversity of UNOV staff, the Office follows the Geographical Diversity Strategy and welcomes candidates from the following regional groups: African Group, Asia-Pacific Group, Group of Eastern European States and Group of Latin American and Caribbean States.

The Junior Professional Officer Programme offers young professionals with university and college degrees the opportunity to gain work experience working in the United Nations Secretariat. Associate experts, usually with little or no professional experience, are recruited through bilateral agreements between the United Nations and donor countries to work on development projects or regional projects or activities in broad areas of United Nations competence. More information is available here. All vacancies in the United Nations Secretariat, including those in UNOV, UNODC, UNOOSA and other Vienna-based bodies of the United Nations Secretariat, such as the Directorate-General for Patents and Internal Oversight Services, the Legal Affairs Division and the Legal Affairs Division and UNIS, are advertised on the United Nations Career Portal. Job openings include international and local positions, temporary positions and consulting firms. UNOV also recruits experts to work on short-term projects, either as consultants or as individual contractors. These opportunities are advertised on the United Nations career portal. UN Volunteers are involved through UNV. There are different categories of UN Volunteers, more details can be found under UN Volunteers. The United Nations Secretariat offers the Young Professionals Programme as well as competitive examinations for posts requiring special language skills.

The Young Professionals Programme aims to attract new talent from unrepresented and underrepresented countries in the United Nations and to recognize talent already present in the organization. To be eligible, you must be a national of a participating Member State at the time of application, be at least 32 years old, hold a first-level university degree and be fluent in English or French. More information about the YPP can be found here. Information on how to apply can be found on the application process page. To learn more about the latest changes to the application process, click here. Your email address: I will not sell or share your email address. Note: The UN job list requires an HTML-enabled email – sorry. (If you don`t know what that means, don`t worry – you`ll probably get what you need.) The IAEA offers challenging tasks in a stimulating multicultural work environment. It employs approximately 2,500 people from over 100 countries with expertise in a variety of scientific, technical, managerial and specialty disciplines. IAEA vacancies can be found here.

For more information on current vacancies at the United Nations Office at Vienna, please follow these links: There are job postings and job postings that falsely indicate that they are from the United Nations. Please note that the United Nations does not require payment at any stage of the application and review process. All vacancies at the United Nations Office at Vienna are advertised on the United Nations career portal. The Vienna-based UN agencies are committed to gender parity and geographical diversity in their staff. UNOV is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to candidates and colleagues with disabilities. Are you interested in this place? Want to know more? Discuss Vienna in our forum now!. The United Nations does not charge any fees at any stage of the recruitment process, including application, interview, treatment, training, etc. The UN does not care about bank account information.

Female candidates are highly recommended.