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Weirdest Laws in Connecticut

Connecticut certainly has its fair share of strange laws. There are so many that I had to cross a few off that list. Sorry Guilford, the ban on colorful Christmas lights isn`t as funny as Hartford`s ban on raising dogs. The state`s constitution has changed dramatically over the past 200 years, including the addition of laws needed to maintain stability and control of the state`s growing population. However, some laws seem a little crazy and make you wonder how they ended up in books. You may have unknowingly broken some of these laws! But don`t worry, the majority of these crazy laws aren`t enforced today. These time capsule laws are unlikely to get you in trouble. However, they offer a fascinating perspective on past generations and what they thought was important. Here are some of the strangest and fanciest laws in our state. How many of these strange laws in Connecticut did you already know? Did you break any? Let us know in the comments! Want more fun facts about Connecticut? Here are 10 other illegal things in Connecticut.

You should not walk backwards at night. You probably didn`t knowingly break this Devon, CT rule (a section of Milford), as it is dangerous to walk backwards in the dark. However, it is strange that this is in law books as a guideline in our state. Of course, there are many reasons not to go back at night. You could walk down the street and get run over. You could trip and hurt yourself. But there are not many people who would get into the habit of walking backwards at night. Maybe it was just an early attempt to adopt traffic rules and help pedestrians stay safe. Here are some unusual Connecticut laws and regulations: There are crazy laws from Connecticut`s past that still exist today.

What for? Because they were created at a time when society was very different and unique directives were needed to keep the peace. They were never removed from the regulations, so they are still in effect today. Here are some of the original laws described in James Hammond Trumbull`s book, “The True Blue Laws of Connecticut and New Haven and the False Blue Laws Invented by Rev. Samuel Peters”: If you haven`t tried to sell a cucumber that hasn`t bounced, you may not have broken any of these laws. But it`s interesting to think about past generations and understand what they thought was important. These laws may seem odd by today`s standards, but they were introduced back then for good reason. They were supposed to hold the public to strict moral guidelines and often had harsh punishments if violated. However, over time and beginning in 1902, these laws were repealed, according to Connecticut Explored. In early October, several new laws went into effect, including dating apps and gun background checks. While state laws are constantly evolving, some have solidified in history, such as Connecticut`s famous blue laws, which included unusual mandates like the use of a pumpkin to give men what is now known as a “bowl cut.” Laws are needed to maintain stability and control. But some laws seem a little crazy, especially now, in the 21st century. However, many years ago, these laws came into being, and for some reason we still have not gotten rid of them.

Officially, anyway. Do you think you know all the illegal things in Connecticut? Here`s a great way to test yourself. Check out these 11 strange laws in Connecticut. Others are less familiar than a local ordinance banning stupid strings. We`ve rounded up some of Connecticut`s most surprising laws throughout history, some of which still apply. The Blue Laws of Connecticut were a list of the pre-revolutionary laws of the Connecticut General Court of 1650 and the New Haven Code of 1655 With all the crazy illegal stuff in Connecticut, you may have already broken the law without knowing it. For example, did you eat in your car in Bloomington or use a white stick somewhere in the state? If you are not blind, you are breaking the law when you use a white stick in Connecticut. Take a leisurely stroll through Devon after sunset, but don`t back down. It is illegal.

Your dog may be very smart, but you`re breaking the law if you`re trying to raise him while you`re in Hartford. Your favorite politician holding a rally at the local dump? You may want to avoid it. It is illegal to campaign in the landfill. It is illegal to call a cucumber a cucumber unless it jumps. What? It`s true! This may have come from a time when producers and food markets needed a bit of regulation to set standards for fresh produce. For example, someone might try to pass off their vegetables as cucumbers without proper fermentation or preparation. As a result, customers would pay money but regret their purchase. It is illegal for two married people to kiss in public on a Sunday.

While it may seem extreme that public expressions of affection are required by law, it is important to remember the religious origins of the region and the deep ties between church and state. A more likely explanation is that this was not introduced by elected officials. In Rocky Hill – An arcade cannot have more than four entertainment devices such as ping-pong tables, pinball machines or shuffleboard tables. “No woman shall kiss her child on the Sabbath or fast. In Meriden, “no person who is not a member of the City Police Department may have in their possession or in any way blown, whistle or use the whistle or call known as the `bean police call`,” according to the city`s current general restrictions. Previous generations also recognized this danger, which is why they created the ban. Imagine the first time a garbage collector contacted a Connecticut assault lawyer about a razor cut! It probably took very little time to announce this new policy to protect people. “No one may court a maid in person or by letter without first obtaining the consent of his parents: a fine of £5 for the first offence; £10 for the second; and thirdly, imprisonment at the pleasure of the court. In the Willimantic Borough in Windham County, horses are not allowed on roads and highways at night unless the animal has a “bright” red taillight securely attached to its rump.

It is illegal to dispose of used razor blades. There is a post on social media showing a medicine cabinet in a bathroom with a small slot inside. The owners renovated and removed the closet to discover a stash of used razor blades stacked in the bathroom wall. What for?. Municipal records cannot be kept at the same location where alcohol is sold. It simply makes sense. There are two reasons why this directive was introduced. The first is that it was surprisingly likely for previous generations to store alcohol and important records in one place. What for? Because alcohol and documentation were important and needed protection. Instead of distributing their resources, it made sense to store important items together. In Devon City, it is illegal to go back after sunset. It just sounds smart, going back at night seems dangerous and completely irresponsible.

Walk backwards in daylight or don`t do everything. On the second thought, don`t do everything. The only good reason to go back is if you`re moving a large piece of furniture or encountering a coyote. “No one should travel on the Sabbath, cook supplies, make beds, sweep houses, cut hair, or shave.” Silly String was banned “under most circumstances” in 1996 after children “wreaked havoc” at the event at the Apple Harvest Festival, according to the Associated Press.